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History of The Tournament of Champions

So what is it? It all started at my former office in Manhattan back in 2012. I thought it would be fun to throw a decathlon of random challenges that are relevant to nerds like me (while drinking of course).

What I didn’t realize was how serious all my fellow nerds would actually take it. It influenced general day to day activities like our push-up practice after work every day. The prize to the first person to hit over 100 push-ups got a massive picture of their face up on the bathroom wall.  Anyway back to the tournament, it turned into one of the funniest nights of my life. The inaugural Tournament of Champions had 10 competitors.  I had custom jerseys with names and a logo my designer at the time Cesar made and created. Each competitor got a gift bag with tons of random goodies.

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New office art

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Assembling #TournamentOfChampions gift bags. #Macallan

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Tournament jersey's. Check @joehelewa

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The original events consisted of pretty dumb shit that we all took beyond seriously. For example nerf bow archery, Mario Kart 64(drinking and driving style), push-ups, arm wrestling, beer pong (obviously) and a scooter racing which surprisingly only caused minimal damage to the wall(s). ?

We had a points system and the two people with the most points by the 9th challenge would compete in the finale. At the time the finale was a game I invented called “Speed Drunken Jenga Bonanza” I may trademark it. It consists of any regular set of normal Jenga, a chess timer and of course…..shots.  You have 5 seconds to pull the brick, put it on top and stop the timer, if not you have to take a shot while continuing to pull the brick. The finals were insane, half way through they literally went shot for shot until someone lost. They finished two pitchers of shot mix. It was at that moment I realized not only would these guys want to have a re-match but that everyone else would want a shot at the crown. Everyone had a blast.

My buddy Jose won the crown and all the pride & respect that comes with it. We ended up hanging out and continuing to drink and play cards until 6am.

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This spurred the question ” So….when is the next one”?

That lead to us creating the “Board of Champions” that effectively contributed to the new concept of an insanely over the top tournament of friends competing for absolutely no good reason. First of all, we couldn’t do it in the office again, that was way too limiting. We brainstormed for a while and got lucky with my friends Nancy and Carl from Candlelight Farms in New Milford Connecticut. A literal 600-acre estate (A scene from Mr. Deeds was filmed there) with a private inn, private bar room, landing strip and a whole shit load of space to do our new tournament.

Location accomplished, next step was the event itself. We ordered new jerseys, rented an inflatable obstacle course, a dunk tank, bought bullets, scoped out a tactical rifle for the target shooting, brought a shit ton of fireworks and hoped it would all go well.

I'm ready for alien invasion.

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Thank god this time around my friends Nissan & Ceasar came and brought a handful of GoPro’s and a drone to film the event. I couldn’t have been more excited since explaining this tournament was no easy task to literally anyone I told about it.

Let they games begin. #tournamentofchampions

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All hail the king of 2014 #tournamentofchampions

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Sick teaser video for #tournamentofchampions by @guriboy007

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Needless to say, the event was another one for the record books. Everyone had a blast my friend Logan won the new crown, scepter and cape and a couple cool prizes and was crowned during the firework ceremony. The below video was the result of this new endeavor and the hard work of my buddy Nissan. It really only half shows the event since we ran out of battery power for the cameras half way and honestly we were too drunk to film anyways.

As you can see, this sealed the deal as an annual tournament. It also set the bar for what we need to improve on every consecutive year. I’ll be writing another post when I have time about the 2016 tournament which was an amazing time as well with a few cool improvements to the games and overall event.





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